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River Gallery

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s River Gallery is a prestigious fine art gallery. It was established in 1982 and has since become an integral part of the city’s thriving arts scene, presenting the work of some of the region’s most brilliant artists.

The gallery is located in a beautiful historic structure on Bluff View, overlooking the Tennessee River. On one side is the city’s bustling core, and on the other are the undulating hills of the surrounding countryside.

The collection of contemporary art at River Gallery includes paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media pieces. Its inventory comprises works by both new and established artists, with a concentration on Southern and neighboring artists.

The gallery features a variety of genres, from representational to abstract, and mediums, such as oil and acrylic paintings, wood and stone sculptures, and metal and glass pieces. The gallery’s staff is always available to answer inquiries and provide information on the artists and their work.

River Gallery’s dedication to exhibiting the work of local artists is one of its distinguishing features. The gallery is an essential forum for many members of Chattanooga’s thriving artistic community. River Gallery strives to promote and assist the city’s artists by exposing their work to a larger audience through its exhibitions and events.

During the year, in addition to its regular shows, River Gallery offers a number of special events. They include artist receptions, lectures, and workshops, as well as partnerships with local companies and organizations. Also, the gallery participates in Chattanooga’s First Friday activities, which attract big crowds to the city’s downtown.

The yearly “Southern Artists” exhibition is one of the most anticipated events at River Gallery. This juried exhibition exhibits the work of regional artists and is a celebration of the region’s diverse and vibrant art community. This exhibition has become one of the gallery’s flagship events, attracting thousands of visitors annually.

As a result of its dedication to making art accessible to all, River Gallery offers a variety of price points for its works. The gallery’s inventory offers inexpensive pieces for beginning collectors as well as expensive ones for seasoned collectors. Also, the gallery offers a variety of payment choices, such as financing and layaway programs.

The dedication of River Gallery to exposing Southern artists has not gone ignored. The gallery has garnered various honors and distinctions over the years, including being awarded “Best Art Gallery in Chattanooga” by the local newspaper.

River Gallery is also committed to aiding the community, in addition to its contributions to the city’s artistic scene. The gallery has participated in a variety of philanthropic activities, such as sponsoring benefit exhibitions for local groups and donating works to charitable auctions.

River Gallery is a true jewel in Chattanooga’s cultural community. Its dedication to displaying the work of Southern artists, supporting the local arts community, and making art accessible to all makes it a distinctive and valuable civic resource. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just getting started, a visit to River Gallery is certain to be memorable and stimulating.

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